SHELLEY LAKE, Miami Beach, 1954 - 


1997   Cleveland Chiropractic College, Doctor of Chiropractic

1979   Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Master of Science in Visual Studies

1976   Rhode Island School of Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts



2017   Art Basel, Spectrum, Solo Booth S1109 - Miami, FL

             Orlando Museum of Art, First Thursdays, Mettle With It - Orlando, FL

             Perception and Reality II, SNAP! Downtown - Orlando, FL

             The Radical Eye, Aldo Castillo Gallery - Estero, FL

             Nude Nite Orlando, Central Florida Fairgrounds - Orlando, FL

             Arts for All Day, Orlando Museum of Art - Orlando, FL

2016   Art Basel, Spectrum, Solo Booth S1109 - Miami, FL

             Orlando Museum of Art, First Thursdays, Going Goth - Orlando, FL

             City Arts Factory, The Art of Skateboarding - Orlando, FL

             Orlando Museum of Art, First Thursdays, Declaration of Mind - Orlando, FL

             Orlando Museum of Art, First Thursdays, Rock - Orlando, FL

             Camera USA, von Liebig Art Center, Daniel - Naples, FL

             Art is Everywhere, Squarespace Event, Times Square - New York City, NY

             Orlando Museum of Art, First Thursdays, Eat of be Eaten - Orlando, FL

             SNAP! Downtown, Constructed Abstractions - Orlando, FL

             Nude Nite Tampa - Tampa, FL

             Nude Nite Orlando, Artegon Marketplace - Orlando, FL

2015   Spectrum at Art Basel Miami - Miami, FL

             Endangered: Art for Apes, Miami Club Gallery - Miami, FL

             Call up the Figure, von Liebig Art Center - Naples, FL

             The Von Liebig Art Center, Call up the Figure - Naples, FL

             The Art of Medicine, Orlando Museum of Art - Orlando, FL

             The Winter Park Autumn Art Festival - Winter Park, FL

             Orlando Museum of Art, First Thursdays, Medicine - Orlando, FL

             Artexpo New York Pier 94, Solo Exhibition Booth S119 - New York City, NY

             National Art Encounter, von Liebig Art Center - Naples, FL

             Photography and Technology, Orlando Museum of Art - Orlando, FL

             Contempo: Pushing the Limit, Lighthouse Art Center - Tequesta, FL

             Nude Nite Orlando - Orlando, FL

2014   Endangered, Miami Club Rum - Miami, FL

             Art Basel, Spectrum, Booth S909 - Miami, FL

             SNAP! Attacks! - Orlando, FL

             18th Street, EZTV, Polly Gone - Santa Monica, CA

             Orlando Museum of Art, Inside Out - Orlando, FL

             Orlando Museum of Art, Art is Love - Orlando, FL

2013   Art Basel, Spectrum, Booth 617 - Miami, FL

             Automobiles Extraordinaires, Galerie 203 - Montreal, Quebec

             A Hero’s Journey, Orlando Museum of Art - Orlando, FL

             Nude Nite Tampa - Tampa, FL

             Nude Nite Orlando - Orlando, FL

2012   Art Basel, Artexpo, Booth 614 - Miami, FL

             National Art Encounter, von Liebig Art Center - Naples, FL

             Urban Wild, Orlando Museum of Art - Orlando, FL

             RED, Stage Gallery Shakespeare Theater - Orlando, FL

             Back to the Future, Texas A&M Art Gallery - Laredo, TX

             Fall in Furniture, Scan Design - Orlando, FL

             Nude Nite - Orlando, FL

2011   49th Founders Exhibition, von Liebig Art Center - Naples, FL

             2011 Juried Show, Arts on Main - Ventura, CA

             Camera USA, von Liebig Art Center - Naples, FL

             Citiescape, Orlando Museum of Art - Orlando, FL

             Nude Nite, SODO Plaza - Orlando, FL

2010   Amway Center Inaugural Exhibition - Orlando, FL

             Snap! Celebrate the Photograph, City Arts Factory - Orlando, FL

             The Happy Show, Orlando Museum of Art - Orlando, FL

             Fall in Furniture Love, Scan Design - Orlando, FL

2009   Computer Baroque, Tate Modern - Bankside, London

             RISD New England Alumni Biennial - Watertown, MA

             Inaugural Exhibition, Sky Lake Studios - Winter Park, FL

2008   Art Dimensions, Fall Into Art - Los Angeles, CA

             Preston Contemporary Art Center, Xhibit - Mesilla, NM

             San Marino Gallery, Au Naturel - Pasadena, CA

             Artexpo NYC, SOLO exhibition - New York City, NY

2007   Artexpo Las Vegas, SOLO exhibition - Las Vegas, NV

             Artexpo NYC, SOLO exhibition - New York City, NY

             Stage Gallery, Festival of New Plays - Orlando, FL –

2006   Valley Photo Center, Anything Goes - Springfield, MA

             Stage Gallery, UCF Shakespeare Festival - Orlando, FL

2005   Kentucky Museum, Ever-Changing Landscape - Louisville, KY

             Valley Photo Center, Large Format - Springfield, MA

             Watkins Gallery, Debut - Northampton, MA

2004   Galerie Luna, Chi of Ancestry - Salem, MA

             Watkins Gallery, Small Wonders - Lenox, MA

             Watkins Gallery, Inaugural Exhibition - Lenox, MA

             New City Art, Favorite Things - Easthampton, MA

2003   New City Art, Small World - Easthampton, MA

             CKSpace, Emerging Artists - Kansas City, MO

1992   Liberty Science Center, Random-Object Stereograms - Jersey City, NJ

1990   Gensler and Associates, Spring Break - Los Angeles, CA

1989   Sally Hawkins Gallery, Home Sweet Home - New York City, NY

             The Art Store Gallery, The New Photography - Los Angeles, CA

             National Computer Graphics Assn, Innovation - Mesa, AZ

             Natoli-Ross Gallery, Generic, (Lake/Duardo) - Santa Monica, CA

             Future Perfect Gallery, The First Show - Los Angeles, CA

             Centre de Congres Auditorium, Imagina - Monte Carlo, Monaco

             Chicago Theatre, 24th Chicago Film Festival - Chicago, IL

             American Film Institute, AFI/L.A. FilmFest - Los Angeles, CA

             Exploratorium, Film & Video Festival - San Francisco, CA

             Festival Internacional de Cinema do Porto - Portugal, Spain

             San Francisco International Film Festival - San Francisco, CA

1988   Walt Disney World, Festival of the Masters - Orlando, FL

             ACM SIGGRAPH, SIGGRAPH Art Show - Atlanta, GA

             Euphrat Gallery, De Anza College - Cupertino, CA

             The Newporter Resort, Imagine - Newport Beach, CA

             Laforet Museum, American Pop Culture - Tokyo, Japan

             Intl Film & Television Festival of New York - New York City, NY

             Cites des Sciences et de L’Industrie, Images Calculees - Paris, France

             Bilbao International Film Festival - Bilbao, Spain

             ACM SIGGRAPH, 15th Annual Film and Video Show - Atlanta, GA

             Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas Video Festival - Dallas, TX

             Public Broadcast Systems, Digital Dreams - PBS National Television

             The Beverly Center, Women in Film Festival - Los Angeles, CA

1987   Photographic Resource Center, High Tech New Pop - Boston, MA

             ACM SIGGRAPH, 14th Annual SIGGRAPH Art Show - Anaheim, CA

             EZTV Gallery, Computer Superstars - Los Angeles, CA

             California Museum of Science and Industry - Los Angeles, CA

1986    Videoeil, (Lake/Hearn) - Lyon, France

             Berlin Film Festival, (Lake/Hearn) - Berlin, Germany

             National Video Festival, (Lake/Hearn) - Los Angeles, CA

             Denver Film Festival, (Lake/Hearn) - Denver, CO

             Beard’s Fund Exhibition, (Lake/Hearn) - New York City, NY

             Video Marathon, (Lake/Hearn) - Copenhagen, Denmark

             American Center, Group Exhibition, (Lake/Hearn) - Paris, France

             Cedar Festival of Vallavolid, (Lake/Hearn) - Vallavolid, Spain

1985    L. A. C. E., Group Exhibition, (Lake/Hearn) - Los Angeles, CA

             Hallwall, Group Exhibition, Seizure, (Lake/Hearn) - Buffalo, NY

1983    Festival International du Nouveau Cinema - Montreal, Canada

1980    The Kitchen, The Rentals - New York City, NY

1979    M.I.T., Graduate Exhibition - Cambridge, MA

1976   Woods Gerry Gallery, Graduate Exhibition - Providence, RI



2017   Image of the Year Award, Wayne Bennet, Orlando Camera Club, "Son of Man"

             Honorable Mention, Orlando Museum of Art, 1st Thursdays, "Kryptonite"

             Photoshop Guru Award, Photoshop World, Superman

2016   People’s Choice, Orlando Museum of Art, 1st Thursdays, “The Skull Queen”

2015   People’s Choice, Orlando Museum of Art, 1st Thursdays, “The Photographer”

             First Place, Orlando Museum of Art, 1st Thursdays, “Think Different”

2014   Silver Medal, Endangered, Photography, Caress

             Best in Category, Orlando Camera Club, Cormorant Fisherman, Color

             Best in Category, Orlando Camera Club, Snowstorm over Tsurui Mura, Monchrome

             Best in Category, Orlando Camera Club, Caress, Color

             Best in Category, Orlando Camera Club, Barn Door, Color

             First Place, Chasing the Light, Red Competition, Woman in a Red Hat

             Google Earthshots Photograph of the Day, Waiting, 22 August 2014

             Google Earthshots Photograph of the Day, Red Crown of Japan, 11 April 2014

             Google Earthshots Photograph of the Day, Caress, 2 April 2014

2013   First Place, 9th Annual Competition, Monochrome, Orlando Camera Club, Daniel

             Guru Awards, Finalist, Photoshop World, Black Hawk Down

2012   Best in Category, Passion, Orlando Camera Club, Abandon

             Epson International Pano Award, Silver Medal, 360VR, Open Heart

             Epson International Pano Award, Silver Medal, 360VR, Studio

             Epson International Pano Award, Silver Medal, Nature, Cormorant Fisherman

2011   First Place, Annual Competition, Orlando Camera Club, Woman in a Red Hat

             Epson International Pano Award, Silver Medal, 360VR, Santa Maria di Nazareth

2010   First Place Creative, Annual Competition, Orlando Camera Club, Immortal Pine

             Epson International Pano Award, Bronze, Nature Category, Dry Brush

             Aurora Awards Grand Prize, Architectural Photography, Naples, FL

             Best in Category, Orlando Camera Club, Orlando, Fl, Deonte

2009   Aurora Awards Grand Prize, Architectural Photography, Orlando, Fl, Mandell

2008   First Place, Mixed Media, Artexpo NYC, Solo Exhibition, Monster

2007   First Place, Digital Illustration, CIPNE Image Competition, Monster

2006   First Place, Anything Goes, Valley Photo Center, Slot

2003   First Place, Best of Open Category, CIPNE Image Competition, Quaking Aspens

             Finalist, Small World, New City Art, Stereo Pairs

1989   Still Picture Grand Prize, NICOGRAPH, Tokyo, Japan, 1,000 ?’s

             Finalist, Festival of the Masters, Walt Disney World, Fruit

             Silver medal, International Film and Television Festival of New York, Polly Gone

1987   First Place, AT&T Image Contest, Teapot

1986   Clio Award, Winner, Computer Animation, STP Oil Treatment, “Engine”

1985   Clio Award, Recognition, Animation, Rockwell International, “Manage”

1984   Clio Award, Recognition, Computer Animation, Cable Music Channel

             Clio Award, Recognition, Computer Animation, Star Frontiers Game

             Academy Award, Technical Achievement (Demos), The Last Starfighter



Albertson International, Winter Park, FL

American Embassy, Nigeria

Amway Center, Orlando, FL

Apple Computer, Cupertino, CA

Betterlight Corporate Collection, San Carlos, CA

Carr Auditorium, Orlando, FL

Alan and Betsey Harris Collection, Naples, FL

Human Rights Campaign Headquarters, Washington, D.C.

The Kitchen, New York City, NY

Peter and Eileen Norton, Santa Monica, CA

Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando, FL



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