INFINITY by Shelley Lake, 2018-2019

INFINITY by Shelley Lake, 2018-2019

With prevailing interest in 3d printing and digital sculpting, Zbrush is gaining popularity as the industry standard for complex object creation. A built in virtual turntable makes 360 degree moviemaking possible. Creating an infinite loop in Zbrush requires using the integrated MOVIE application.

Make sure that your object is oriented on an axis that will seamlessly loop. You can either output the contents of the DOCUMENT or entire WINDOW, depending upon your preference. MEDIUM is a good choice for output screen resolution. I have chosen a uniform background color instead of a gradient for this animation in the DOCUMENT dialog box. Also, I’ve chosen the MAT CAP GRAY material to approximate the output of a 3d printer.

If necessary you can heighten the resolution of the model with the GEOMETRY dialog box. For better output quality you can increase the Spix to your liking. This simulation has a Spix of 6. Activating TURNTABLE sets off the frame by frame render. EXPORT the final rendered animation and process the resulting .mpg in Photoshop. Perform any Photoshop adjustments that may be necessary and then Save to Web. If you would like an infinite loop then check the FOREVER Looping option. You can optimize the resulting GIF by reducing the number of colors and image size.

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